Measuring in Liters ~ $15

Measuring in Liters ~ $15


Measuring in Liters

Darryl’s second book of poetry, Measuring In Liters: A Continuous Journey Through Chambers of Sickled Cells, tells heartwarming, heart-breaking stories of family, determination, and growing up on the streets of Harlem and Crown Heights; of coming of age and addressing the vulnerability of living with a chronic, at times, devastating, condition.  “Darryl inhabits the courageous, fully realized voice of a grown man… He explores the paradox of being both broken and whole, healer and patient, lover and seeker.”  Jacqueline Johnson

excerpt from Measuring in Liters:

I learned in 8th grade the flamingo gets its red from
feasting on shrimp.  Mockingbirds love red winterberries.
Lena Horne wore magenta shoes when she sang

“Stormy Monday”.  And the last time I saw my mother
wear burgundy lipstick it matched her hat, shoes and
scarf when she sat behind the newly widowed Deacon
Singleton at the 5th Street Baptist Church on her 80th birthday.

Jaundice ~ $5

Jaundice ~ $5



Darryl’s first collection of poems, Jaundice, focuses on his growing up as well as learning to live with Sickle Cell Anemia.

excerpt from we blue:

north of the belly woman south of the alaskan sun
it is warm where in east saint louis
across from memphis giant great men speak in

poetry where jazz and blues are basketball and
insanity/under silver dollar hoops/sparkling
golden rims/platinum backboards of/in california

these men know language of talk and secrets/are
stored in poems/of mississippi blues of kings.